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It is a company founded in 2003, it has decades of proven experience selling in LATAM, with manufacturers such as Milestone, Agent Vi and Rekor.

Aztec in its beginnings, it started with a business of importing medical devices to Latin America (Under the brand name of the sister company VisioMed International Group ). And in 2012 we presented options to expand to everything related to security with the importation of all security equipment and advice to Integrators and End Users with options to improve their projects with the best technologies that the industry offers. Aztec growth for 2022 Expansion in offices and staff in Monterrey NL Mexico, Mexico City and Lima Peru.

Our experience and services Global Buyers The role of a purchasing agent. Before you can decide whether or not to retain the services of a broker independent purchases and know if it is the optimal measure for your business, it is It is important to know what her duties and responsibilities are. These they generally include:

  • Evaluation of vendors and suppliers, both potential and current.
  • Establish solid relationships with the suppliers chosen by your company.
  • Analyze prices and other data to ensure that the prices of the providers are reasonable
  • Negotiation of agreements with suppliers and monitoring of contracts in course
  • Deal directly with suppliers when problems arise with defective products or delays in delivery times
  • A professional purchasing agent also watches trends in your industry to keep your purchasing knowledge up to date

We advise global leaders on their most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology and mergers & acquisitions, across all industries and geographies.

Sales Effectiveness : Close gaps in your sales strategy, sales design and sales execution to capture targeted growth opportunities and drive better business results.

Marketing Strategy :Give your customers real-time access to information on your products and services that are customized to their channels of choice.

Digital & Technology :Tap into our broad suite of technology solutions—innovative strategy, scalable implementation and automated operations—to help your company thrive.

Strategy & Transformation : Translate the potential value of your strategies into realized value for your business—and drive transformational change throughout your organization.